Victor Lewin

Victor Lewin joined Wagners in April 2005. He is lead paralegal to Mr. Wagner in his class action litigation practice, fulfilling that role for more than ten years. Mr. Lewin’s experience in the complex area of insurance litigation allowed him to easily transition to meet the demands of Mr. Wagner’s exclusive plaintiff oriented practice. He provides dedicated support to Mr. Wagner and manages over 20 class proceedings. Mr. Lewin is a member of the Canadian Association of Paralegals.

In addition to his role as class action litigation paralegal, Mr. Lewin also maintains Wagners’ networking and computer infrastructure in his capacity as the Systems Administrator and Network Specialist at the firm.

Mr. Lewin also is involved in the design of various ads, graphics and other materials of a marketing nature for the firm. He also is skilled in accounting and supports the firm’s regular accountant as necessary.