RCMP Operational Stress Injuries

Moore et al v. Attorney General of Canada

Federal Court File: T-1105-20

On September 16, 2020, Wagners filed a proposed class proceeding against the Attorney General of Canada in the Federal Court of Canada. The proposed class proceeding was filed on behalf of four Plaintiffs and seeks damages on behalf of themselves and a class of persons who are or have been enrolled as Regular Members in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and who have been diagnosed with, or suffered from, an Operational Stress Injury. This particular injury refers to any persistent psychological difficulty that results from operational duties with the RCMP, including but not limited to diagnosed conditions such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

The claim alleges that the Crown has failed to provide adequate and timely Mental Health Support services that address the complex needs of members of the RCMP and that it acted negligently in the face of mounting evidence of a mental health crisis within Canada’s national police force, where responding to dangerous and traumatic situations is a condition of their employment. The claim also alleges that the Crown condones and perpetuates a discriminatory workplace culture, where RCMP Officers and Members are subjected to differential treatment based on mental disability.

The four proposed representative plaintiffs will seek to certify the class proceeding and to obtain damages arising from the Crown’s negligence and its violation of the Class’ section 15(1) Charter rights. The claim will also seek punitive and exemplary damages as a result of the Crown’s conduct.

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Updates & Latest Developments

A proposed class proceeding was filed on today’s date in the Federal Court of Canada. A copy of the Statement of Claim may be viewed in the Documents section.