Highway 107 Crash Injures 1, Kills 1

One person is dead and at least one other person is injured after a July 4 crash in Nova Scotia on Highway 107. Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded to the head-on car accident shortly after 8 p.m. near Lake Echo.

One of the two vehicles in the collision caught fire. Police had to close the highway between Exit 17 and Exit 18 for a period. They did not speculate as to the cause of the crash, which is still under investigation with the help of a medical examiner and a traffic analyst.

One of the drivers, a woman, suffered minor injuries and received treatment from Emergency Health Services personnel. Officials did not confirm whether the second driver, a man, was injured but noted that he did not suffer serious injury. A male passenger, however, died on the scene.

There are several common causes of car accidents, including speeding, distracted driving and impaired driving. No matter the cause of an accident, however, the people involved could suffer injuries that range in seriousness from cuts and scrapes to disfigurement and paralysis. When the negligence of a driver causes a crash, the victims may be entitled to compensation for the damages.

If the victims are injured, they might receive compensation that pays for out-of-pocket expenses and lost income directly related to their injuries. The families of deceased car accident victims could receive compensation that pays for the funeral, including the cost of the service, transport of the body and disposal of the body. It may also pay for the loss of future household income and services, and for the loss of companionship, care and guidance.


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