Institutional Abuse

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Institutional Abuse Class Action Lawsuits

Systemic abuse of individuals, whether they are elderly, disabled or children, is a great concern in society today. Unfortunately, numerous institutions, schools, churches and other organizations have been accused of such mistreatment, and as a result, class action proceedings were filed against these organizations. Many of these entities have been accused of turning a blind eye to the physical, emotional and sexual abuses that were inflicted upon persons in their care or custody.

While the abuses are significant in nature and may be of a historical nature, class actions have been effective and a proper course of action to settle these legal claims in many cases. The abuses inflicted may have taken place over decades and mainly involved children as the victims. These individuals may have had their lives shattered by various forms of abuse and mistreatment, the repercussions of which may continue as they enter adulthood.

Defendants in these types of lawsuits may include religious organizations, educational facilities, young offender or reform schools, or even provincial governments that sanctioned or funded the institutions in question. In most cases these entities have failed to adequately detect or respond to these prolonged instances of systemic abuse. Individuals may have suffered years of traumatic neglect, lack of care and horrific incidences of harmful activities perpetuated on them by adults. Psychological damage is a common result of years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse inflicted upon these victims. It may be many years before a person, as an adult, is able to face the horrors and fully the grasp the effects of this abuse.

A Proven Reputation And Continuous Involvement In The NS Home For Colored Children Lawsuit

Wagners has been involved on behalf of former residents of the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children for well over 12 years. The recent filing of a class action, in addition to the numerous individual lawsuits, has ramped up the pressure on the Home and the Province of Nova Scotia to address and rectify the years of systemic abuse that has occurred. Wagners investigates all situations of institutional abuse with a view to determine if class proceedings are the best manner to address the shameful legacy that has affected the most vulnerable in our society.

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