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Wagners is a leading personal injury law firm that focuses on the rights of those who have been injured in Kentville, Nova Scotia and across the Maritime Provinces.

At Wagners Injury Law firm we represent injury victims who were involved in car accidents, medical malpractice injury, slip and fall, sexual assault, or other injury that turn your life upside down. You deserve to get back to normal as soon as possible. We are experienced, dedicated and passionate advocates. We’re invested in your success—so you can count on Wagners for unwavering support and commitment.

We are proud to be recognized as one of the best personal injury law firms

Accidents & Other Personal Injuries

This broad category of injuries includes vehicle-related injuries, slips and falls and other accidents, long-term disability, and sexual assault.

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Class Actions

Class actions allow groups of people with similar complaints to bring a collective action against defendants.

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Medical Malpractice

Most health care professionals have the best of intentions and hope to provide quality medical care to their patients.

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Wagners is currently advancing several class actions across a broad range of subject matters and on a national basis.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Kentville

Welcome to Wagners, a personal injury law firm specializing in injury claims that involve people who have been injured in car accidents, slip and fall incidents and other claims such as medical negligence. At our law firm, we primarily focus on personal injury claims ensuring that victims and their families get the justice they deserve. We have helped persons who have been injured in medical institutions through use of defective devices and pharmaceuticals.

Personal injury claims involve strict and technical requirements that you must fulfil in order to succeed. Our lawyers understand the specific timelines, procedural and legal requirements that must be met and will always have your best interests in mind. If you have any concerns regarding your personal injury claim, we’re happy to help.

Trial Lawyers for Nearly 80 years combined

At Wagners, you can count on us to offer professional and credible legal services throughout your personal injury case. Whether you’ve been a victim of a car accident or you’d like to sue a property owner for injuries after a slip and fall incident, we will review your case and advice on the best legal course of action to take. The best legal action to take depends on the specifics of your case, which is why it’s crucial to have a lawyer by your side who has your best interests in mind.

If you have been a victim of medical negligence, our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience with these cases. You can be guaranteed that we will apply all the required rules and statutes when filing your lawsuit. We will guide you on the statute of limitation, which stipulates the period that a victim has for their case to be heard. We recommend talking to a lawyer as soon as possible after your injury before this period lapses. We come with more than eight decades of combined legal experience. Our lawyers have handled complex juries and trials, so you can rest assured that we will deliver in courtroom matters. When you come to us, expect hard-working, dedicated legal professionals who will do all it takes to achieve the most favourable outcome for your case.

We represent clients in the Atlantic provinces and beyond

We have highly experienced lawyers in Kentville and beyond. Our personal injury lawyers will come to you as soon as you reach out with all the resources required to serve your needs. When you choose us, expect a transparent team that keeps the communication lines open from start to finish. We understand how complicated and overwhelming legal procedures can get. We’re here to give you peace of mind, allowing you to take advantage of our experience and skills in all personal injury matters. Our team will take time to develop the most effective legal strategy to give you a positive outcome. If you need dedicated lawyers to guide and support you every step of the way, Wagners is here for you.

About Wagners

Wagners is a well-established and reputable personal injury firm in Kentville. Our law firm focuses on ensuring the rights of personal injury victims and their families are fully safeguarded throughout the process. Over the years, we have represented victims of personal injury cases such as motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, medical negligence, among other severe injury matters. We have clients in Kentville who came to us for legal support to collect critical evidence needed to succeed in their case. We have represented clients who have been victims of chemical leaks, historical abuse, and defective products throughout Kentville. If you need personal injury lawyers with experience and skill in these areas, we’ve got you covered.

Car accident lawyer in Kentville

Car accidents are life-changing experiences. They are among the most common types of personal injury claims we’ve handled at Wagners. Millions of people are injured; some lose their lives every year after getting involved in a fatal car accident. Unfortunately, most of these accidents happen due to someone else’s negligence. From hit and run accidents caused by distracted driving to failure to yield accidents, we’ve handled all kinds of car accident claims in Kentville. Don’t attempt to take on insurance companies and try to understand the law alone. At Wagners, we have been fighting for victims of car accidents for many years. We know that many insurance companies are only trying to minimize compensation, and this may result in your justice being denied. When you come to us, we will assign a full legal team ready to cater to your needs.

In car accident claims, we help victims get compensation for their injuries and other losses. As experienced car accident lawyers in Kentville, you can be assured that we’ll protect your rights throughout the legal process. We will help you recover financial losses such as lost income, medical costs, rehabilitation, and long-term care costs, among others. Our lawyers can also help you get compensated for non-pecuniary damages such as loss of enjoyment, pain, and suffering. Car accident cases can be quite complex, and you need an experienced legal team to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Medical malpractice lawyers in Kentville

When we visit the hospital or clinic, many of us trust medical professionals to handle our condition to the best of their ability. However, some medics neglect this duty and end up causing serious harm to the patient. Medical malpractice cases are among the toughest personal injury claims to pursue. However, with an experienced law firm like Wagners, you increase your chances of getting the best outcome. If you or a loved one has been injured by a doctor or other medical professional that was reckless or grossly negligent during your treatment, we can help you file a successful medical malpractice suit. We have collaborated with some of the elite medical practitioners in Kentville to help us gather all the information we require to prove your case. When you come to us, we will gather our team of professionals, which includes doctors, therapists, and other specialists, to ensure all your medical documents are in order. We will ensure you get compensated not only for the injuries you’ve sustained as a result of the negligent actions but also for future losses.

Birth injury lawyers in Kentville

Unfortunately, some birth injuries occur because the doctors and nurses made easily preventable mistakes when delivering babies. If this happened to you, we could help you fight for justice and ensure you get compensated for the medical expenses and intense emotional hardship that comes after a birth injury case. Managing and treating a birth injury that was a result of someone else’s negligence is no small ordeal. We’ve handled cases that involve medical errors, such as doctors who don’t diagnose an underlying infection or medics who use excessive force to deliver a baby resulting in physical harm. We’ve also helped mothers whose babies were injured due to improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors during delivery. As birth injury lawyers in Kentville, we come with extensive experience in gathering personal records, medical information and all other resources needed in a birth injury case.

Slip and fall injuries lawyers in Kentville

Property owners and renters have a legal obligation to keep their premises reasonably safe and free of hazards. For instance, store owners are required to maintain safe conditions such as stable flooring, adequate lighting and easy-to-read signs, which help notify customers of any existing hazards within the premise. If the people on the property suffer an injury, they could file a claim against the owner or renter. The types of injuries sustained by slip and fall victims vary from scrapes to broken bones, spinal injuries, hip fractures and even death. We’ve also handled fall-related cases that have resulted in traumatic brain injuries. Our slip and fall injury lawyers in Kentville will gather evidence to prove the property owner’s liability and help you recover personal and financial losses.

Wrongful death lawyer in Kentville

Our knowledgeable and experienced wrongful death lawyers in Kentville have helped families who’ve lost their loved ones as a result of negligence. We help fight for damages to cover expenses related to death, such as funeral and burial costs. The estate of the deceased may also be entitled to other non-economic damages such as loss of parent’s companionship, loss of guidance and future inheritance. We’ve represented surviving spouses and helped them receive compensation for the loss of companionship, among other damages.

Even though the person responsible for your loved one’s death may not have been criminally responsible, you can still file a lawsuit and get compensated for your losses. However, you need an experienced wrongful death lawyer to prove that the person’s behaviour was reckless, intentional, and negligent and show that this behaviour caused your loved one’s death. Our lawyers will also help prove that as a family, you have suffered damages as a result of the death. We work with professionals to show that the person responsible failed to exercise reasonable care, whether it’s a driver or medical practitioner.

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