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Hospitals are run by a team of many medical professionals. To successfully treat patients and uphold current standards, clear communication among the hospital team is vital. Failure to do so can have devastating effects for patients.

Hospital negligence can include a wide range of matters such as:

  • Improper or inadequate monitoring of a patient or fetus;
  • Failure to communicate (or lack of communication) between the hospital team;
  • Delay in diagnosis or treatment;
  • Errors in diagnostic testing;
  • Errors in diagnosis and triage in the emergency room; and
  • Improper administration of medications.

Hospital negligence encompasses negligent care by medical professionals such as:

  • Doctors (including specialists in areas such as pediatrics, anesthesiology, diagnostic radiology and surgeons);
  • Residents and interns;
  • Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Licensed Practical Nurses;
  • Laboratory Technicians;
  • Pharmacists;
  • Various members of nursing home staff; and
  • Government agencies providing oversight.

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