Personal Liability Insurance and Why it is Important

Personal Liability Insurance is becoming more important every day. Many people have done something reckless in their life that has resulted in injury to another person. In some cases, these injuries can be trivial or minor… But what if they are not?

Accountability for Actions

The unfortunate reality is that some instances of reckless behavior can result in legal liability against you. A negligent act that can result in serious injuries might mean a claim can be brought against you and an injured party may be entitled to compensation for those injuries.

What can you do to protect yourself from allegations of Negligence? 

It is important to be proactive about the potential liability claims against you. The best way to be proactive is to take care of your property and those around you. Another way to be proactive, is to ensure you have liability insurance if you are negligent and cause injury to another. Accidents do happen. The most common form of liability insurance is through a homeowner’s insurance policy or tenant’s insurance policy. In addition to providing coverage for property damage losses, they also cover you for personal liability in the event you injured a third party. These policies are in place to provide personal liability coverage and will protect you and your family members in the household from unintentional injuries to others. The insurance policy will ultimately pay out any damage award due to the injured party. Personal Liability insurance covers two main areas: Bodily Injury and Property Damage. The personal liability insurance will also cover the costs of hiring a lawyer and defending a claim.

If you do not have homeowners’ insurance or tenants’ insurance, and you are sued in negligence and are not covered by another insurance policy, you may be on the hook to pay damages personally and cover the cost of hiring your own lawyer. This can be extremely costly.

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