What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a group of disorders caused by damage to the developing brain.  This can occur at birth, due to a disruption of blood supply and oxygen to the brain.  CP is permanent, and is generally diagnosed within the child’s first few years of life.

CP affect’s one’s movement, muscle tone, and posture, though its presentation varies from person to person.  Some people with CP are able to walk, while others need the assistance of a wheelchair or mobility aids.  Some people with CP have intellectual disabilities, while others do not.

Raising a child with CP can be costly for a family.  Individuals with CP may require ongoing care such as medical treatments, mobility aids, educational support, and constant supervision.  If your child’s CP has been caused by a preventable birth injury, you may be entitled to compensation.

Medical malpractice cases, particularly with respect to birth trauma, are complex and require legal and medical expertise. The medical malpractice lawyers at Wagners are experienced in birth trauma litigation, and have secured compensation for many clients with CP, and their families.

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