Podcast – Unsafe or Improper Use of Equipment with Lawyer Ray Wagner K.C.

This episode of ‘Inside Medical Malpractice’ is the fourth in a series exploring the top 5 issues in medical malpractice: Assessment, Medication Errors, Communication, Unsafe Use of Equipment and Infection Control and Infection Control. Nova Scotia Lawyer Ray Wagner tackles the fascinating subject of Equipment Errors, which can result in individual malpractice cases or class action lawsuits. Specialized equipment is used all through the spectrum of healthcare delivery; to make the original diagnosis, decide on and provide correct treatment, to monitor and assist in a successful recovery, and in some cases, to sustain life. A product defect, maintenance or repair problem, or operator error, can lead to injury or even death. Listen in as Ray presents several cases from his own practice where the use of medical equipment or implants resulted in injury which led to lawsuits. He offers solid advice to healthcare providers and the public on how to avoid equipment errors and advice to lawyers considering litigating these tough cases. Don’t miss this episode!


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