Anaesthesia Errors Lawyer Halifax Nova Scotia

Anaesthesia Errors Lawyer Halifax Nova Scotia

Most individuals who undergo surgical procedures require anaesthesia. Administered by an anaesthesiologist (or anaesthetist), this process requires that a patient is continuously and constantly monitored. When a patient is put under, the proper dosage of anaesthesia must be administered throughout the entire process. Having too much or too little anaesthesia can significantly jeopardize a patient’s health.

If you have suffered harm because of anaesthesia errors during a surgical procedure, you will have legal options. Wagners, a serious injury law firm, will represent your legal interests, including if you choose to pursue a medical malpractice claim.

Experienced Anaesthetists Malpractice Lawyers

Anaesthesiologists must be alert and focused while working. The unfortunate reality is that in many instances carelessness on behalf of the anaesthesiologist will cause further health complications for a patient. The lawyers at Wagners investigate and pursue cases of anaesthesia errors throughout NS, NB, PEI and beyond.

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