Birth Injury Lawyers Representing the Maritime Provinces

Hospitals in Nova Scotia and other Canadian maritime provinces have high standards of care for newborns. If your baby was not given the proper care before and during birth, serious health issues, such as cerebral palsy, may result. When your newborn suffers serious injury, the experience is distressing. You may end up wondering how your child will receive proper care throughout his or her life.

Because cerebral palsy has different effects on each baby, it may be difficult to predict how the disability will affect your child. Infections or head injuries that happen before birth can cause cerebral palsy. In other cases, cerebral palsy is caused by birth injury.

Several negligent actions may contribute to a baby developing cerebral palsy. When doctors fail to perform a C-section in time, serious injuries are a common result. Babies may also develop cerebral palsy after their brain is injured by oxygen deprivation. In many cases, the lack of oxygen is a result of improper monitoring.

A child with cerebral palsy or other serious health issues due to birth injury may face difficulties in life. Some children develop serious disabilities and require extensive therapy and special education. Other cases of cerebral palsy have milder effects on the child, and though they may have limitations, they can lead normal lives with a little help.

You want to make sure that your child has as normal a life as possible. Contacting an attorney to explore options might be the best choice for your child. Our page on cerebral palsy offers helpful information that you can use to learn more about legal options.

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