CertainTeed Fiber Cement Weatherboard Siding Lawsuit

The class action lawyers at Wagners Law Firm are currently investigating potential product defects in CertainTeed Fiber Cement WeatherBoard Siding. Consumer complaints are emerging that CertainTeed’s siding is defective in that it prematurely cracks, gaps, warps, and peels away from the structure despite being warranted and represented to last for 50 years.

CertainTeed markets its WeatherBoard Fiber Cement exterior siding as durable, long-lasting and appropriate for use on the home and other structures. In contrast to these representations concerning the siding boards, many consumers across North America has alleged that the product is defective and problematic. Numerous lawsuits have alleged that CertainTeed Fiber Cement WeatherBoard Siding is not impervious to moisture invasions and degradations and otherwise does not perform as expressly warranted and represented. If these allegations are in fact correct, the product has, and will, cause many consumers enormous property damage and substantial removal and replacement costs. These costs can be considered non-options because, in addition to property damage, faulty siding can led to mould issues and the serious health problems that can result from mould.

The allegations against CertainTeed have lead to many lawsuits in the United States. Instead of going to trial on the merits of the allegations of product defect, CertainTeed Corp. agreed to settle out-of-court, paying $104 million to settle class claims that its WeatherBoards fiber cement siding line was defective and resulted in premature cracking, warping and shrinkage.

The settlement provides homeowner-claimants with recoveries based on the amount of damaged siding, the cost of removing and replacing it, and the date of installation, according to the settlement order.

It includes a staggered payment plan under which claimants immediately get 50 percent of the assessed value but will not receive the final portion until the sixth and final year that the settlement agreement is in effect.

This settlement does not apply to Canadian consumers. Already approached by one such upset purchaser, the lawyers at Wagners Law Firm are investigating a possible class action in Canada. If you, or someone you know, purchased CertainTeed Fiber Cement WeatherBoard Siding for a home or structure or purchased the home or structure with the siding pre-installed, contact us for more information.

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