Do I Really Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A question we frequently hear. And even when the potential client doesn’t come right out and ask it, their demeanor and the questions asked suggest this question is in the back of their mind.

There are some situations in which seeking legal advice is recommended. Some examples include the following:

If the insurance company is blaming you for the accident – if the accident has been deemed to be your fault and you do not agree with this, you should get a personal injury lawyer. Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem and a personal injury lawyer can help you present your side of the story.

Your injuries are severe – when determining the severity of the injury you should consider the type of injury (ex. brain injury, amputation, broken bone) as well as the length of time it will take you to recover. The more severe the injury, the more likely it is that you will require the assistance of an injury lawyer.

The injuries are causing you to miss time from work – if the injuries you sustained are interfering with your employment it is important to speak with a lawyer to make sure you are appropriately compensated for any losses you experience.

The injuries are preventing you from performing your daily activities – if your injuries are causing you difficulty with your every day activities it is important to consult with an injury lawyer. There can be financial losses associated with paying others to do work around your home. Additionally, the fact that you can no longer engage in activities you once enjoyed is important when considering pain and suffering awards.

If you are uncomfortable navigating the claim on your own – personal injury claims can be overwhelming. Dealing with insurance adjusters is often intimidating and you must remember that the insurance adjuster does not represent your rights – they represent the rights of the insurance company. If you are unsure as to whether you can handle it on your own, call a lawyer.

At Wagners, consultations are always free. Come see us or give us a call if you have any questions about the process.

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