Driving on Halloween Night and Safety Precautions

Each year Halloween comes and goes. The evening of Halloween it is important to drive safe even safer than usual. As you know there will be witches, ghosts and zombies everywhere. So knowing the tricks to be safer driving on Halloween night is important for not only the driver but also for the many tricker treaters taking over the streets.

Here are some tips for driving on Halloween:

Drive slow: The fact that each house will have different types of candy is very exciting for neighborhoods children. It is safe to assume that if you see a child near the road they might cross without looking, so keep your speed low to ensure that you can stop in time.

Avoid Subdivisions: If you are not partaking in the trick or treating or carpooling children to hot trick or treat spots it is best to try and avoid busy subdivisions from 6PM to 9PM.

Lookout for parked cars: Cars that are parked can obstruct your view if a trick or treater decides to walk out on the road. If you see parked cars along the road, make sure to slow down so that you can be proactive in the event of a trick or treater crossing the road.

Ensure that your headlights are on: Turning your headlights on earlier than usual is a great extra precaution you can take.

Use extra patience at stops: When approaching cross walks, stop signs, yields and other types of stops allow for a little more time. Trick or treaters can be unpredictable when rushing to get candy at their next house.

Plan that your trip may take a little longer: Keep in mind that traffic may be going a little slower as drivers are going slow and being cautious of trick or treaters.

Everyone wants to have a good Halloween and trick or treaters are out there to get as much candy as they possibly can. These simple safety measures are the best way to ensure that everyone stays safe during Halloween night.

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