Facial Injuries, Including Scarring

Anyone can end up with a permanent and serious facial injury or death from an accident resulting someone else’s negligence. The challenge legally is to arrive at a reasonable amount of compensation with the responsible party for the losses that were endured. You accident lawyer in New Minas at Wagners can help you in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Halifax, Prince Edward Island or beyond.

Common Types

Many types of facial and sensory injuries can result from a truck, automobile, motorbike, bicycle or pedestrian accident, which an accident lawyer can help you with. Even a slip and fall or a medical or cosmetic procedure gone wrong can cause physical, emotional and economic suffering or even death. The following are common facial injuries that may result from an accident:

  • Skeletal injuries, including fractures of the facial bones, nose or nasal complex, cheekbones, jaws and damage to teeth. After a CT scan or x-ray, it will be determined whether surgery is necessary, including pins or wiring. Fractures with minimal or no displacement can heal spontaneously without an intraoral manipulation. Fractures that have or have not been surgically repaired could require later reconstructive surgery.
  • Facial disfigurement, such a scarring from lacerations. Stitching is common and scars are typically treated through lasers, plastic surgery scar revisions, cryotherapy or steroid injections and silicon scar gel.
  • Facial nerve damage. While some permanent damage is most likely, a plastic surgeon who specializes in nerves may be able to reattach some or all of the nerves if it is done within the first six months.
  • Ocular (or eyesight) injuries. Impairment, loss of eyesight, double vision and abnormal appearance can occur in one or both eyes to varying degrees. An ophthalmologist will assess if surgical repair is possible where there is damage to the cornea, iris, pupil, lens, retina or the optical nerve.
  • Deafness, which can include total deafness and loss of speech, total deafness with no loss of speech, total loss of hearing in one ear, partial loss of hearing in one or both ears. If medical treatment or surgery are not available options, listening devices may be recommended.
  • Hair loss and damage to scalp and skin, including allergic reactions from exposure to different chemicals. Severe acute scalp irritant dermatitis (chemical burn) may be treated medically by a dermatologist or surgically by a plastic surgeon.
  • Post burn scars and contractures. Plastic surgery (including skin grafts) and various physical therapy can minimize (but not eliminate) skin deformities and shortening of the muscles, tendons or ligaments. These treatments can also cause deeper internal damage, result in constant pain and affect nerve and muscle function.

Compensation in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick Prince Edward Island or Beyond

Compensation for a facial injury accident will depend on the unique aspects of your injury and circumstances. For example, facial scarring is more difficult to value compared to facial fractures and other facial injuries. The amount of compensation determined will depend on the severity and visibility of the injury sustained, the presence or absence of other injuries (e.g., a concussion or other head injury), length and severity of the symptoms, and permanence of the injury. Additionally your age and sex affect compensation in addition to the injury’s impact on your livelihood and quality of life, including your self-esteem.

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