Fatal U-Turn Leads to Woman’s Death

The victim was the passenger of a Volkswagen Jetta vehicle being driven by a 25-year-old man. The Jetta attempted to execute a U-turn across two separate traffic lanes and was struck on its front passenger side by a 2011 GMC Sierra. Both drivers were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, but the victim died at the scene of the crash.

After an accident such as this, it may be necessary to thoroughly review the collision analyst’s report in order to ascertain which party may be held liable for damages. It is possible that the GMC driver was distracted in some way and so failed to see the Volkswagen vehicle turning in front of him, but it is also possible that the Volkswagen driver should not have attempted the U-turn in the first place.

If the negligence of another person causes a fatal accident, he or she may be held accountable to the victim’s family for damages suffered due to the loss. The family of the deceased in this crash may be entitled to compensation from the driver who caused the accident.


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