Friends go on memorial bike ride in friend’s honour

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Friends of a 49-year-old bicyclist gathered for a memorial ride on Oct. 23. The woman was killed earlier this month in Halifax when she was struck by a propane truck where Purcells Cove Road intersects with Herring Cove Road.

Approximately 35 cyclists came together to ride in their friend’s honour. She was said to be passionate about bike riding and would ride no matter how inclement the weather.

One neighbour and friend commented, “She wouldn’t get into a car. People offered her drives, but she’d still ride her bike.”

One of the Halifax Cycling Coalition board members announced that the riders intended to remember their friend, as well as raise awareness about bicycling. He added that bringing attention to bike riding as a safe alternative to driving required a focus on “things like infrastructure and truck sideguards.”

Another rider noted that the intersection where the fatality occurred was precarious for cyclists to negotiate because there is a drop off of around 10 centimetres from the paved area to the ground. Cyclists attempting to quickly get out of harm’s way can still wind up in danger.

She also said that infrastructure challenges are only part of the problem for biking enthusiasts. Negative attitudes that some drivers exhibit present another obstacle for bike riders who become afraid to ride.

If you have been injured in a collision while bicycling in and around Halifax, it is important to understand that you have rights under the law. Even if no one was ticketed or arrested after the wreck, you still have a right to seek legal advice and file a claim for damages if a driver’s negligence or inattention contributed to your accident.

Source: The Chronicle Herald, “Halifax cyclists ride to remember woman killed in collision,” Frances Willick, Oct. 24, 2015

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