Insurance Coverage for Hit and Run Accidents in Nova Scotia

Insurance coverage for hit and run accidents in Nova Scotia

Did someone hit your vehicle and drive off? Stay calm and take the following next steps. Check to see how your car was hit or if someone was injured. Call the police and as you wait for help, start recording down details about the car that you remember such as the license plate, colour, make and model of the car. If there is anyone who witnessed the incident, get their contact details. If safe enough, take photos of the scene of the accident as well as the damage to your vehicle. Keep in mind that hit and run accidents should be reported to thepolice within 24 hours.

Is a hit and run considered a crime in Nova Scotia?

Certainly yes. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, a hit and run, defined as the failure to stop at the scene of the accident, is considered a crime that is subject to up to 5 years in prison. The accused may face up to 10 years or life imprisonment if the accident resulted in bodily harm or death. To be convicted for a hit and run, it must be proven that the accused was not only aware of the crash but also failed to stop and render assistance with the intention of evading civil or criminal liability. The Criminal Code also states clearly that drivers involved in a hit and run are required to provide their names, address, and license number in writing.

Will your car insurance cover a hit and run accident?

Car insurance policies have collision coverage, which even though it is optional, it is meant to cover vehicle damage in hit and run accidents. Unfortunately, there are drivers who opt out of collision coverage. This means that any vehicle damage from a hit and run will not be catered for by the insurance company. The car owner will have to repair the damage themselves.

However, you may have witnesses who can help you identify the vehicle that hit you and this will enable you to get the coverage you need from that driver’s insurance. In Nova Scotia, the Direct Compensation Property Damage coverage applies. This allows individuals to recover damages from their own insurer when a collision occurs.

Do you pay deductibles after a hit and run?

There are cases where you will have to pay a deductible when involved in a hit and run for that part of your policy that is covering the damages. For instance, if your collision coverage will cover damages, you’ll have to pay the deductible listed for that section of your policy. However, if the hit and run damages will be covered under DCPD coverage, you won’t have to pay any deductibles. There are cases where you may qualify for a deductible waiver after a hit and run collision.

If you have more questions regarding whether damages will be covered after a hit and run accident, reach out to us. We could help you file a civil claim against the insurance company for compensation if the accident resulted in injuries.

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