Lab Error Causes Woman to Get Needless Mastectomy

A Halifax woman has consulted with a lawyer regarding filing a medical malpractice claim after a woman received a needless mastectomy due to a lab mistake. The woman is considering filing a medical malpractice claim against the lab that was responsible for the mistake.

The medical facility that provided the lab results released information about two lab mistakes that had occurred in the spring. The mistakes have affected four patients directly. One mistake was giving the lab results to the wrong patients, resulting in a woman being misdiagnosed with breast cancer. The Halifax woman had a breast removed when it was not medically necessary because of the mistake, while the other had treatment for cancer delayed. The other case involved a person who had an unnecessary biopsy.

After the woman heard that she had cancer, she agreed to the medical procedure because it was expected to increase her life expectancy. After the woman found out that she did not have cancer, she ran through a series of emotions, including anger and confusion. She is hoping that a lawsuit will help provide answers about why the accident happened in the first place. Her lawyer says that the unnecessary mastectomy could cause issues for the rest of the woman’s life. The lawyer says that he plans to serve the papers within the next few weeks.

Halifax medical malpractice lawyers may be able to assist individuals who are negatively impacted by the negligence that is exercised by doctors and medical personnel. Compensation may be available to pay for the victim’s expenses, lost wages, psychological damages and pain and suffering.

Source: Truro Daily News, “Capital Health patient who had needless mastectomy hires lawyer, will file lawsuit“, Haley Ryan, August 14, 2013

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