Litigation After Cancer Victim Dies

In a case that has captured the attention of readers in Nova Scotia, the family of a 28-year-old woman from Ontario who recently died from cancer reportedly filed civil litigation against Trillium Health Partners who they claim contributed to her death. The radiologist who allegedly misdiagnosed the woman earlier this year was also named in the lawsuit. The woman initially filed the claim, which suggests hospital negligence occurred, in mid-November, but she lost her life to the disease a few weeks later.

The woman’s family has released a statement that said they would continue to pursue the claim, suggesting that the medical system needs to change in order to protect lives others. The hospital and the physician plan to fight the claims, and, though the doctor’s lawyer offered comments of condolences to the victim’s family, neither defendant made statements regarding the details of the litigation. However, reports say that the hospital has detected other errors in the doctor’s work and has started to review 3,500 diagnostic tests that were evaluated by the man.

The lawsuit alleges that the hospital and the radiologist subjected the woman to a CT scan in March, claimed the results were negative and released her. A second scan conducted in August revealed that a tumour located near the woman’s heart had developed into cancer, invaded her lungs and eventually spread to her brain. When doctors reviewed the scan initial scan, they noticed the tumour was present and notified the patient.

Medical errors by professionals and hospitals can cause serious injury and may cost a person his or her life. The victims of such mistakes may be able to receive compensation for damages from the liable parties regarding the loss. The plaintiffs in this case are seeking $2 million in compensation because they believe that the delay in diagnosis and treatment was a contributing factor in the woman’s death.

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