Loose Trailer Crushes Van in Halifax Accident

The Halifax Regional Police reported on Feb. 7 that a man was tragically killed on Barrington Street in what has been described as a freak accident. The man lost his life when his vehicle was partially crushed by a semi-trailer that had become detached from the cab of the truck hauling it. The fatal accident took place at about 7:37 a.m. and caused Barrington Street to be closed in both directions for several hours.

According to a statement from a police representative, the man was driving a small commercial van northbound on the approach to the A. Murray MacKay Bridge in the vicinity of Africville Road when the detached trailer crossed the roadway’s center line. The semi-truck that lost the trailer had been crossing the bridge in a southbound direction.

The front half of the van lay crushed under the enormous weight of the trailer, and the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators where then assisted by representatives from the Department of Transportation as they tried to find out how the trailer had become detached. A tow truck was called in to remove the mangled van before Barrington Street was reopened to traffic at about 3 p.m.

While incidents such as this can be caused by mechanical failure or extremely high winds, negligence is also sometimes a factor. A personal injury lawyer may bring a wrongful death action against individuals on behalf of relatives coping with the loss of a loved one. This could seek compensation for a victim’s burial expenses and the financial hardships caused by the loss of family income.

Source: CBC, “Man dead after tractor-trailer crushes van near MacKay Bridge“, February 07, 2014

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