Medical Malpractice and Failing to Disclose

When you go to a physician for treatment of an illness or injury in Nova Scotia, you are placing your health and life in the hands of your doctor. Surgeries, procedures and medications often involve some risks and side effects. A doctor’s failure to disclose the adverse effects of a recommended procedure or drug is dangerous, life-threatening and prohibited by law.

For example, if you went to a physician for treatment of a medical condition, and while you were still capable of making educated decisions, the doctor did not disclose important information to you. The medical provider did not provide you with all of the information you needed to decide if a particular medical procedure and its potential dangers was worth the risks you were willing to take. Without this important information you went forward with the procedure and suffered harm.

When you have suffered serious harm as a result, the medical provider’s failure to disclose or obtain your informed consent, can form the basis of a medical malpractice claim. You may have been left with debilitating problems due to the lack of disclosure or due to an error made while the procedure was performed.

Our lawyers are familiar with the injuries and harm people can suffer when they are not adequately informed or when a surgery is performed negligently. We aggressively advocate for our clients who have been harmed in this manner to try to recover compensation and damages for the losses they have suffered. In order to provide better assistance to people who have been seriously injured due to the negligent conduct of medical professionals, we have gathered additional information on our informed consent page. You may find some answers by reviewing the information we have there.

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