Medical Marijuana Recalls Lead to Increased Regulation

Wagners recently launched two proposed class actions against Canadian medical marijuana licensed producers arising from the detection of unauthorized pesticides in their medical marijuana products (Partington v. Mettrum Inc. et al . and Downton v. Organigram Inc. et al .).

Following the filing of these action, and rigorous investigative journalism researching the apparent lack of regulation of this burgeoning industry, Health Canada now says the industry is going to be subject to much closer scrutiny. (Click here for an article about Health Canada’s announcement of increased regulation, written by Grant Robertson of the Globe and Mail)

This is a positive development from the standpoints of public health and consumer protection.

This announcement of efforts to improve regulation of this industry is also confirmation that one of the objectives of class actions – behaviour modification of actual and potential wrongdoers – can be achieved, by helping to prevent further wrongdoing.

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