Mercedes-Benz issues recalls

As record-breaking recalls from vehicle manufacturing giants, such as General Motors, Nissan and Toyota, have dominated headlines and affected consumers in Nova Scotia and across Canada, Mercedes-Benz noted a possible safety hazard in some of their vehicles as well. Recalls are on pace to set records in 2014. Approximately 13 million vehicles have been recalled this year. A previous high was set in 2004 when more than 30 million vehicles were affected by recalls.

As many as 284,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles made between 2007 and 2011 will be recalled due to issues with taillights and brake lights. The issue could limit other drivers’ ability to see the vehicle, which could result in a car accident. Affected vehicles, sold in the U.S. and Canada, include the C63 MG, the C300, the C350 and the C300 4Matic. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration no crashes, injuries or deaths have been attributed to the defective part. A representative with Mercedes confirmed that they are cooperating with NHTSA on the matter.

Other recalls issued in 2014 include 6 million GM vehicles, including Cobalt models, which have been connected to 13 deaths. Toyota recalled about 700,000 vehicles, and Nissan recalled 1 million vehicles. Most of the vehicles affected by the Nissan action were Sentra and Altima models. Additional recalls include Mazda SUVs, BMW sports sedans, Honda Odyssey minivans, Dodge Durangos, the Jeep Grand Cherokee and older Ford cars and SUVs.

When a car accident is caused by a defective part, the car maker and the part’s manufacturer might be liable for damages stemming from the crash. A person injured in such accidents might work with a personal injury lawyer who could build a case that demonstrates a car maker’s negligence.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Mercedes-Benz recalls 284,000 C-Class cars in U.S. and Canada“, Charles Fleming, April 29, 2014

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