Nova Scotia Car Accident Results in Serious Injuries for 2 People

A motor vehicle accident that occurred around 5 p.m. August 4 in Dartmouth has resulted in serious injuries to two men. The accident happened near Main Street and Forest Hills. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the 49-year-old driver of a pickup truck was travelling toward Dartmouth when the pickup collided with a Toyota Camry. Because of the crash, the pickup overturned and struck a Ford Focus and a motorcycle.

Both the driver of the pickup and the driver of the motorcycle, who is also 49 years old, were seriously injured and were transported to hospital. A witness who was working at a nearby restaurant while making pizzas said he heard a bang at the time of the accident. He also noted police sirens after hearing the noise. The witness, who watched the scene from a window, claimed that two ambulances arrive at the scene, and each vehicle picked up an injured person and left before officers cordoned the area.

RCMP are continuing to investigate the accident but have not given any details as to what may have caused the accident or who was at fault. There are also no reports of charges being filed. In similar cases, a crash might occur if one or more of the drivers is speeding or distracted.

When a person is injured in a car accident, he or she is often left with pain and many need to go through physical therapy as part of the rehabilitation process. In some cases, injuries might require long-term medical care. The expenses stemming from such treatment is often prohibitive, but anyone injured in a car accident may want to discuss their situation with a lawyer to see if it would be possible to file a personal injury claim and seek compensation for those damages.

Source: CBC News Nova Scotia, “Multi-car crash in Dartmouth seriously injures 2 men“, August 05, 2014

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