Nova Scotia Man Tells Story of Logging Truck Accident

A Nova Scotia man described his experience of his sedan nearly being hit by loose logs after a log truck lost its load on March 14. On 3 p.m. that Friday, he was travelling from Sweets Corner to the Windsor hockey arena where he served as a coach during the mid-afternoon when he saw the log truck take a corner too quickly. He noticed the end of the load began to break free and fall off the truck. He knew that he couldn’t avoid the car accident or dodge all of the logs coming toward him on the road. He accelerated, turned hard to avoid the logs and rolled his vehicle into a ditch. He explained that his sedan suffered serious damage after it flipped end over end.

At the time of the accident, the victim was speaking to a friend on a hands-free device. He asked his friend to call 911. He knew he suffered injuries to his back and ankle, which he later described as minor. Emergency workers needed to extract him from his vehicle using the Jaws of Life. He was thankful to survive the accident and thinks the outcome could have been death if a different person or a family had been involved.

Now, he is writing legislatures to ask for increased safety regulations of logging trucks. He hopes for tougher restrictions, stricter controls and limits on what roads the logging trucks can travel on. He explained that restricting logging trucks to wider highways would give drivers more room to evade falling logs in the event of an accident.

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Source: Metro News, “‘I’m very lucky that I’m here:’ Nova Scotia man survives after lumber truck loses load“, Ashley Thompson, March 17, 2014

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