Lawyers Dealing With Pathology Errors Class Action Lawsuits

We stand on the side of patients who have suffered the ill effects of pathology errors

Class actions involving hospitals have become more prevalent in recent years. Notably, proceedings concerning pathology errors have been commenced in Ontario, Nova Scotia and other provinces. Alleged cases of improper diagnosis, misread slides and delayed treatment have affected many thousands of individuals, causing them significant stress, worry and physical harm.

Class action lawsuits involving many patients ensure that even those with a small claim have equal access to justice.

Ensuring Medical Professionals Meet The Standard

Both hospitals and the people they employ — physicians, pathologists, radiologists, anaesthetists and nurses — are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of care when dealing with patients. Hospitals must ensure that those they hire for certain jobs have proper credentials. If problems are found with the standard of care provided to patients, the hospitals or health authorities must take immediate and appropriate action.

Medical professionals employed by a hospital have a duty to ensure that their work product and abilities meet the expected standard. All medical professionals should be competent and appropriately investigate and diagnose patient conditions. Medical professionals must take all necessary steps to ensure that they provide the most effective care to their patients. If they fail to do so, the law provides patients with legal recourse.

Current Pathology Class Action Lawsuits — Wagners

Wagners has experience in medical and pathology errors, and we provide counsel to individuals who have been subjected to incorrect diagnoses and stress as a result of pathology errors and the use of unsterilized forceps which occurred at the Miramichi Regional Hospital in New Brunswick. We continue to monitor developments and incidents related to medical errors or omissions and are ready to become involved on behalf of patients who have suffered harm as a result of pathology misdiagnoses.

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