Personal Injury Lawyer in Cape Breton

Wagners personal injury lawyers located in Cape Breton always fight for the people. We will strive to get you the full compensation you deserve, not merely what the liable party is willing to offer. We have helped thousands of plaintiffs to recover millions of dollars in damages. We will examine all the evidence and create a compelling case. We offer our services in French and Spanish to cater to all clients.

The lawyers at Wagners personal injury law firm are experienced in multiple areas of personal injury law. They have broad experience in handling personal injury cases revolving around car accidents, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, and any other injury that could adversely affect your life. When you suffer harm due to the actions of others, we are here to fight on your behalf. We will help you understand your legal rights and the financial compensation you deserve.

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The most common cases handled by our firm involve vehicle accidents, premises liability, defective products, sexual assault, and long-term disability, and more.

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Also known as a representative action, a class action is a lawsuit filed on behalf of a group of people or different entities who have sustained a common injury.

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Medical malpractice occurs when a medical provider or professional fails to provide appropriate treatment, gives the substandard treatment that harms a patient, or omits an appropriate action.

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Wagners is currently advancing several class actions across a broad range of subject matters and on a national basis.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Cape Breton

At Wagners Personal Injury Lawyers, we will handle all the time-consuming and stressful aspects of your case as you focus on recovering from the accident. No amount of compensation can give you back your health or revive your loved one. However, the compensation will go a long way in helping you rebuild your life. We will handle all the negotiations with the insurance company and help you prove that your injuries are a result of negligence. We represent our clients on a contingency-fee-basis. This means that if we don’t get your compensation, we don’t get paid. We invite you to contact us even if you are not sure whether you have a valid case or claim.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers will explore all the facts of your case and answer any questions you may have. We will help you determine the best course of action in your situation. We are available round-the-clock; you can count on us in legal emergencies. When determining your case’s value, we will consider the types of injuries you suffered, whether you require home assistance, whether you can resume work and your diagnosis. Our results speak for themselves. We have secured favourable settlements for thousands of claimants in Cape Breton.

Trial Lawyers With 80 Years of Experience Combined

Suffering severe injuries is traumatizing and could have a significant impact on your life. You could be faced with an extended recovery period, fast accumulating medical bills, wage loss, mental anguish, and pain and suffering. Handling a personal injury lawsuit on your own can be very challenging and might result in a longer claim process, lower settlement, or no compensation at all. The best way to ensure that your claim is handled properly is by hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury claims rarely go to court. Often, a settlement is reached out-of-court through negotiations between the victim and the defending insurance companies. Our experienced personal injury lawyers understand how to approach these negotiations to ensure that you get the best settlement possible. Most personal injury claims could take months or years to complete due to battles with insurance companies, complicated paperwork, and other delays. With our experienced lawyer by your side, you don’t have to wait for a long period before receiving compensation.

We Represent Clients in the Atlantic Provinces, and Beyond

Wagners represent clients in the Atlantic Provinces and beyond. Following an injury, you will experience pain and strong emotions. The trauma could make it difficult to handle your claim objectively. Our skilled and experienced lawyers will provide extensive knowledge to ensure you receive adequate compensation for your losses. We understand that insurance companies use numerous tactics to convince victims that their claims aren’t worth much. We will handle all the negotiations with insurance companies for you.

Insurance companies will contact you immediately after learning that you suffered injuries. However, anything you say could be used against you during the claim. With us by your side, you don’t have to wait until you recover from your injuries to pursue a claim. We will file a claim on your behalf as you focus on healing.

About Wagners

Wagners is an experienced personal injury law firm that is dedicated to handling all types of personal injury cases, including catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. Our law firm solely focuses on personal injury. We have dedicated our lives to helping those who have sustained injuries by ensuring that their rights are protected. We devote ourselves to our clients, doing everything we can to help them. We have handled and litigated numerous cases against major insurance carriers. We don’t adopt a common approach for our cases. Instead, we vigorously and zealously litigate every case until we achieve the justice a client deserves.

No matter how big or small a case is, we are always in contact with the client. We take pride in our success in obtaining million-dollar settlements for our clients. We don’t just settle for the minimum compensation. We fight to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

Car Accident Lawyer in Cape Breton

Car accidents are a common cause of death and permanent disabilities for many citizens across the U.S. While some car accidents are due to mechanical failure, others are due to recklessness. If you ever face the misfortune of being involved in a car accident in Cape Breton, you should contact our experienced car accident lawyers. Our lawyers will reduce the hassle and help you handle the paperwork involved in processing a car accident claim. Our car accident lawyers can cover a wide variety of issues, including property destruction, wrongful death, personal injury, and liability determinations.

With our experienced car accident lawyers, you don’t have to navigate the complicated legal process on your own. We will handle your legal case as you focus on your health. We will help you to assess your losses, gather evidence, and prove the other driver’s negligence. With over 30 years of experience representing car accident victims, we will ensure that you file your claim within the applicable statute of limitations. In addition to filing a claim on your behalf, we will represent you at trial if your case is not solved out-of-court.

Malpractice Lawyers in Cape Breton

When you or your loved one is in hospital, you expect the best care because the medical professionals handling you are highly trained. However, despite the expertise of medical professionals, mistakes could happen, resulting in devastating consequences. Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor doesn’t treat a medical condition properly, and this negligence results in additional complications. The physician can be liable for the new injury resulting from their negligence. Medical errors claim the lives of thousands of people in Canada every year.

Having your condition or your loved one’s condition worsen because of a hospital or a doctor’s negligence can be devastating. Wagners personal injury law firm is here to help you seek compensation. Even if money does not restore your physical health, it will alleviate your financial burden as you recover. Our law firm has more than three decades of experience serving Cape Breton. We will put this experience to work for you.

We understand how complicated medical malpractice cases can be. It can be challenging to prove that a doctor’s actions amounted to negligence. This is why you need a lawyer experienced in handling medical malpractice cases. We will examine all the circumstances surrounding your case to prove the liable party’s negligence. We have a history of turning medical malpractice claims into successful verdicts and settlements.

Birth Injury Lawyers in Cape Breton

Our birth injury lawyers help parents recover damages for injuries they or their babies sustain due to negligence during the childbirth process. Common birth injuries include cerebral palsy and brain damage. Other common birth injuries include spina bifida, shoulder dystocia, Erb’s palsy, Brachial plexus injuries, forceps injuries, persistent pulmonary hypertension, maternal infections, and cephalohematoma.

Sometimes, birth injuries occur purely by accident, and a doctor can’t do much to prevent them. However, in most cases, birth injuries occur because a doctor or another medical practitioner was negligent, failing to provide ample standard of care. For example, a doctor has a role in monitoring the fetus during labour. If a doctor detects fetal distress but fails to act promptly, he or she could be guilty of medical malpractice.

Many birth injuries are severe, often affecting children physically or mentally for their entire lives. A child may require lifelong treatment to manage the symptoms of birth defects. Many families suffer to meet the associated medical expenses. The good news is that our lawyers can pursue compensation on your behalf. If your child sustained a birth defect, we welcome you to contact us for a free consultation.

Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers in Cape Breton

If you slip and fall or suffer injuries on someone else’s property, it can be challenging to prove who is responsible for your injuries. As the name implies, a slip and fall accident occurs when a victim slips or trips and falls, suffering injuries. However, not all falls qualify for slip and fall claims. To recover damages, you must prove that the fall occurred due to another person’s negligence. At Wagners Injury Law, we will help you build a strong case by proving that the condition of the property was hazardous, the owner was aware or should have been aware of the property’s condition, and the owner had ample time to fix the property but failed to do so. Our lawyers have the right knowledge and resources to hold the party at fault accountable. With our experienced and dedicated staff, we will get you the compensation you deserve.

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Cape Breton

Wrongful deaths occur almost daily in Cape Breton. Dangerous workplaces, negligent drivers, careless property owners, and defective products are potential causes of wrongful death. The unexpected death of your loved one could be challenging to deal with. The immeasurable grief and devastation could deter your efforts to seek compensation. If you recently lost someone due to another person’s negligence, speak with a compassionate wrongful death lawyer at Wagners. We provide compassionate legal representation and wrongful death case evaluations at our offices in Cape Breton. Your loved one is irreplaceable; however, filing a wrongful death claim helps you recover compensation for the damages resulting from your loved one’s death. You don’t have to deal with your loved one’s death alone. Seek legal assistance for your family member’s death by contacting the wrongful death lawyers at Wagners. The law is often confusing; if you think you might have a wrongful death case, don’t delay in contacting us for legal help.

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