Playground and School Injuries

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Nova Scotia Child Injury Lawyer

Schools are responsible for exercising reasonable care and supervision to protect children against all foreseeable dangers.

School place accidents and injuries are becoming more frequent. A negligence case can be brought against the school board for failing to supervise the children attending the school, for failing to keep the grounds in a reasonable state of repair, and for failing to inspect the school grounds. Further, claims can be brought against the school board for failing to take disciplinary action against, and failing to supervise, a known bully.

Schools have a duty:

  • to maintain school property and equipment in safe and proper condition;
  • to maintain its playgrounds so that it is safe and free of harmful defects;
  • to ensure that adequate safety equipment is provided to children if they are involved in a potentially dangerous activity; such as woodworking, scientific experimentation, or physical education; and
  • to ensure proper supervision and care for all activities, excursions and classes.

These are the essential duties of our schools. If they fail to take measures to keep children safe, they can be found negligent for the injuries or harm that come to children under their care.

If your child has been injured at school or on a playground, it is essential to obtain the services of a lawyer experienced in personal injury litigation.

The lawyers at Wagners recognize that an injury to a child at school can be damaging to all involved. We will pursue your case as fully as is allowed under the law with the goal of recovery for your child and correction of the unsafe or dangerous practices of the school.

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