Active and Current Class Actions

Below are the class action lawsuits that Wagners are currently involved in or investigating, listed alphabetically. Follow the links to learn more about your case and to read detailed information, updated news and to view court documents that have been filed. Our class actions listed below also have a page for you to download and complete a registration form which you may then send to Wagners to be included as a potential class member.

Updates for Current Class Action Clients

Each of the above class action links contain pages to view filed court documents and to register as a potential class member.

A page is also available to view updated news concerning the progress of the class action. If no news updates are present since the last time you viewed the news page, that is usually an indication that while the case is still proceeding, there are no significant or substantial updates available. The news pages are updated when necessary, and usually a day or two after court appearances or filings

Closed Class Actions

Wagners have been involved in the following class actions which are now finalized and closed:

  • Accutane
  • Agent Orange at CFB Gagetown
  • AMO Contact Lens Solution
  • Capital Health Privacy Breach
  • Chocolate Price Fixing
  • Co Operators Life
  • Greenwood, NS Well Water
  • Menu Foods Contaminated Pet Food
  • Miramichi Hospital Colposcopy
  • Miramichi Hospital Pathology
  • Money Mart Inflated Interest
  • NS Home for Coloured Children
  • South West Health Privacy Breach
  • Sydney Tar Ponds
  • Vioxx Medication
  • VW Emissions