PRESS RELEASE – SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 – Lawsuit Filed Regarding the Death of Patrick Wayne Stay

In the early morning hours of September 4th, 2022, Patrick Wayne Stay was fatally assaulted while attending the establishment known as the “Yacht Club Social” in Halifax, Nova Scotia. On September 1, 2023, Wagners Law Firm filed a Notice of Action and Statement of Claim in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia against the Defendant establishment for, among other things, numerous failures in providing proper security for patrons attending their premises.

The claim is brought pursuant to the Fatal Injuries Act and states that the Defendant establishment “failed to ensure the club was safe for all patrons; chose not to screen/search bags at the door; chose not to pat down or otherwise search patrons entering the establishment for weapons” and “failed to take reasonable steps to create and maintain a safe and orderly environment for their patrons”.

“The Defendant in this claim failed to take reasonable steps to ensure their establishment was safe for Mr. Stay on September 4th, 2022” said lawyer Mark Saunders. “Basic security measures were flouted which would have protected Pat on that fateful night. The filing of this lawsuit was a necessary step in pursuing justice for Pat and his family.”

The tragic death of Patrick Wayne Stay has caused immeasurable suffering to his family and friends. Pat was a larger than life figure who spread positivity throughout his community. Pat was revered, not only for his rap prowess, but more importantly for being a kind and loving man who put his family before all else. Had appropriate safety and security measures been taken by the Defendant establishment, he would be here with us today.

Pat’s family ask that their privacy be respected at this time.

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