RCMP Investigating Fatal Bus Crash

Some residents of Nova Scotia may have experience in dealing with accidents such as one that occurred recently in Alberta. According to authorities in Edmonton, two men were killed in a serious crash there that took place on Tuesday, Oct. 28, and a third was badly injured. The incident took place approximately 100 kilometers south of Fort McMurray on Highway 63.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police say the crash involved a southbound automobile and a northbound bus that was carrying at least eight people. The area of highway where the crash occurred has for many years been referred to as the ‘highway of death’ because of the unusually large amount of accidents there since 1990. For that reason, the provincial government recently financed an effort to make the highway safer for motorists.

After the recent crash, RCMP closed the highway down for a number of hours while investigators worked at the scene. The deceased men are said to have been occupants of the automobile while the critically injured man was one of the occupants of the bus. In addition, several other bus passengers are believed to have suffered injury as a result of the crash.

After an incident of this nature, determining a party’s presumed liability for the car accident is often one of the primary concerns for those involved. A lawyer acting on the behalf of a plaintiff in an accident may have the option of reviewing reports from RCMP and witness testimony in order to help establish liability. Moreover, some accidents occur in the vicinity of traffic cameras and other such devices that can also aid in these determinations. If a party is deemed liable for an accident, they or their estate may be required to provide some form of compensation to any victims that their actions affected.

Source: Global News, “Two dead after bus and car collide on Highway 63“, Karen Bartko, October 29, 2014

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