Stable Owner from Plymouth Charged With Sexual Assault of Youth

Update: Plymouth Man Facing 16 Additional Charges Following Historic Sexual Assault Investigation

Herbert Allison Best is now facing an additional 16 charges related to historic sexual assault offences. On June 20th, RCMP say it had received a complaint about a sexual assault that had happened at the equestrian facility in the local community of Plymouth, NS. Over the following weeks a total of 7 victims came forward to report incidents that had occurred between 1976 and 2021. The charges are as followed

  • seven counts of sexual assault
  • four counts of sexual interference
  • four counts of sexual exploitation
  • one count of indecent assault

Best is due in Pictou provincial court September 2nd 2022.

Pictou County District RCMP has laid charges against a man from Plymouth, Nova Scotia who allegedly sexually assaulted a youth and officials believe there could be more victims.

The RCMP officials say that a complaint had been filed on June 20, 2022, stating that a sexual assault had occurred at an equestrian facility in the Plymouth area involving a young victim. The investigation leads to charges against a 68-year-old man Herbert Allison Best. Best has been charged with two counts of sexual assault.  Best is the owner of Kyrmsun Farms where he raises quarter-horses and provides riding lessons.

RCMP also alleged there could be other victims and they are asking that any victims come forward by contacting the Pictou County District RCMP detachment at 902-485-4333. (1)

As of right now Best has been released on the condition that he will not frequent locations that youth under the age of 18 are known to frequent, unless he is accompanied by another person over the age of 25.

Best will appear in Pictou provincial court on August  3, 2022.

Your Legal Options After Sexual or Institutional Abuse

At Wagners, we’ve met survivors of sexual or institutional abuse who find it extremely difficult to share their experiences, even with a lawyer. We have a team that is professional and compassionate so you can rely on their experience to explain your legal options and provide the assistance you need to fight for your fair compensation. Abuse survivors can trust us to use the information they share to ensure the person or institution responsible are brought to justice. We take the time to evaluate the specifics of your case and advise on the best legal option to help you receive the monetary compensation you need to recover from the abuse you endured.

File criminal charges: If you take this option, you will not get monetary compensation. Investigations will be done, and the accused will be arrested if sufficient evidence is found. If the defendant is found guilty, he or she could face punishment like imprisonment.

Civil lawsuit: In this case, we pursue the case on behalf of the survivor in civil court. If found at fault, the assailant will be required to pay monetary compensation, which would assist the survivor to recover from the abuse.

Class action lawsuit: It is also possible to file a class action lawsuit against an assailant who assaulted several people. The group of survivors can come together to collectively file a class action suit against the person or institution that was responsible for the assault or abuse.


At Wagners, we firmly believe that no amount of compensation can eliminate the pain and suffering that your assailant caused, but there is so much good that comes from a successfully resolved  institutional or sexual abuse claim. As a survivor, the monetary compensation you receive can assist you to recover from the abuse and cater to the medical costs involved. Holding the assailant accountable also restores your dignity and encourages other victims of sexual and institutional abuse to come out and seek justice as well.

The amount of compensation you deserve for your sexual or institutional abuse claim will depend on many factors. Some of these factors include:

  • How the abuse affected your ability to support yourself and make sufficient income
  • The type of medical treatment you need or you have sought due to the abuse
  • The personal or unique circumstances of your lawsuit

We know that sexual or institutional abuse is a terrible experience, and many victims usually have a heavy burden that they are likely to carry for a long time. For this reason, we offer reliable legal assistance that you need to get the monetary burden off your shoulders. Our main goal is to build a strong strategy and successfully fight for your rights.


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