The Minor Injury Cap

If you are injured in a car accident in Nova Scotia and you suffer from soft tissue injuries that are deemed to be minor, your general damage recovery (or pain and suffering) may be Capped. Soft tissue injuries include sprains, strains and whiplash injuries. The Cap came into effect in 2010 and was set at $7,500.00. Each year, this amount increases with inflation. It is important to note that the Cap applies to car accident cases only in Nova Scotia and only to the pain and suffering portion of your claim. The Cap amount as of January 2020, was increased to $8,911.00. Often insurance companies will tell you your injuries are capped, but in fact your injuries are not capped.

If you would like to discuss whether the Cap legislation applies to your case, please call Wagners Personal Injury Law Firm at 902-425-7330. We work on contingency fee basis and you will not be charged for an initial consultation.

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