Two Teens Die in Car Crash in Hants County

Two teens died in Ardoise in a motor vehicle collision on Sept. 2 at approximately 1:35 a.m. The fatal car accident occurred when the vehicle that the two were driving in left the roadway, hit a power pole and rolled over into a ditch.

A 19-year-old male was driving the vehicle involved in the accident. Additionally, two 16-year-old girls and a 19-year-old passenger were also in the vehicle. The 19-year-old driver and one of the 16-year-old girls died at the scene of the accident. The other two passengers were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Neighbours reported that several fire trucks, RCMP and other emergency service providers responded to the accident.

RCMP officials report that there was an increase in preventable traffic fatalities in Nova Scotia in 2013. One sergeant says that distracted driving, speeding, aggressive driving, impaired driving and the lack of wearing seat belts are some of the causes of the increased number of fatalities. Another fatal single-vehicle accident occurred on Highway 236 earlier in the year involving a 17-year-old Mailtand resident. RCMP suspect that the teen lost control of his automobile, causing it to leave the roadway, hit a culvert and land on the front yard of a home. Police are currently conducting an investigation into both Nova Scotia collisions.

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Source: CTV, “N.S. community mourns loss of teens killed in crash“, Suzette Belliveau and Ron Shaw, September 03, 2013

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