Understanding Your No-Fault Car Accident Insurance Benefits

Section B – Mandatory Accident Benefits

While many of the legal concerns surrounding a car accident focus on the question of liability, there are benefits owed to any victim of a car accident no matter who is found to be at fault. These are a mandatory part of your car insurance, listed under “Section B – Mandatory Accident Benefits,” and they provide funding for several different types of expenses.

In accidents involving a fatality, these benefits provide a payout known as death benefits, though the amount depends upon that person’s role in the family. If death results within 180 days of an accident (or within 104 weeks if there’s been a continuous issue caused by the collision), then the section B of insurance will pay up to $25,000 as partial compensation for the loss of the family member, provided the deceased is the head of household or spouse of the head of household. Further, the policy will pay $5,000 to anyone who is a dependent of the deceased in the household.

Remember, this type of compensation is owed to you, regardless of fault, as part of your car insurance. This exists outside of any legal recourse you may have, although parties unhappy with their insurance provider may also bring forth a claim for breach of contract.

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