What is an Insurance Adjuster?

An Insurance Adjuster is a professional who works for insurance companies and is responsible for evaluating insurance claims. They are the individuals within an insurance company who are responsible for determining the extent of the insurance company’s liability for a claim and they often negotiate settlements directly claimants or work closely with legal counsel hired to defend them.

When an individual files a claim, the insurance adjuster is responsible for investigating the circumstances of the loss, reviewing any relevant policy language, and evaluating the total amount of damages and losses they believe their insured may be responsible to pay. They can gather information from a variety of sources which may include interviewing witnesses, reviewing police reports, examining property damage and reviewing other materials like income and medical records. From these investigations, an adjuster can make recommendations to their insurance company on what they believe to be the appropriate course of action required in order to resolve a claim.

When you bring an insurance claim, it is important to remember that an adjuster’s responsibility is to work on behalf of their respective insurance company to ensure that claims can be resolved in a fair and efficient manner. This can involve trying to negotiate a settlement with the claimant, or it may involve defending the insurance company against a claim in court.

While an insurance adjuster may be fair in their dealings with you, it should always be borne in mind that they are there to represent the insurance company’s interests. This is where having a good personal injury lawyer comes into play. You need to ensure that you have someone working exclusively to better your interests and to get you the best recovery possible.

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced Nova Scotia Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or wrongdoing, the losses you experience, including your non-pecuniary losses such as pain and suffering, can be immense. Without the compensation to which you are entitled, your recovery will be that much more challenging. Our seasoned personal injury lawyers recognize the gravity of your situation and have more than four decades of specialized experience skillfully advocating for the rights of clients like you. We are committed to helping our clients obtain the full value of their legal claims.  We are on your side, so please do not wait to reach out to schedule your consultation with a lawyer. Call or contact our office today.

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