What To Do if a Car Accident Occurs

Nova Scotia residents may know that car accidents are a common occurrence. In fact, most residents are likely to be involved in an accident at some point in their lives. What they may not know, however, is what to do once an accident has occurred. One reporter provided a list of steps that should be taken in the event that a crash takes place.

The first thing that someone who was involved in a crash may be compelled to do is apologize for the accident. However, this should not be done as this apology can potentially be taken as an admission of fault. Next, it is always recommended that the owner of the vehicle file a claim with their insurance company. While some individuals try to get around this in order to keep their rates low, there is no guarantee that the liable person will actually pay for the damage. However, a driver can always speak to their insurance agent about the accident and decide whether or not to file at a later date.

If the accident causes any injuries or serious damage, there are additional steps that need to be taken. For example, if someone was injured, 911 should to be called. Photographs or video should be taken, and if possible, someone should get the contact information of any witnesses.

Auto accidents can leave anyone who was involved with serious injuries. If the other motorist was found to be responsible for causing the injuries, the victim could file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. By filing this type of lawsuit, the injured person may be able to recover the cost of their medical bills and any income that they lost as a result of the accident.

Source: The Globe and Mail, “What to do – and not do – if you are in a car accident“, Roma Luciw, July 16, 2014

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