Winter Driving and Safety Tips

As winter conditions are just around the corner, Wagners would like to reminder drivers of a few safety tips to ensure safe winter driving.

Winter drivers should take time before heading out to ensure that they fully clear snow and ice from their vehicle before driving. Remember ice and snow can also accumulate on your roof and cause a hazard if it suddenly falls off your car. This could pose a danger for another vehicle on the road. Headlights and taillights should also be completely clear of snow and ice.

Increasing the distance behind other vehicles ensures if you need to stop suddenly on an icy road, you will have enough time to stop. Drivers should not try to beat any green or yellow lights particularly in the winter because slippery roads can make sudden stopping difficult.

Drivers should always watch out for “black ice” and never drive during snowstorms unless it is an emergency. Road conditions can deteriorate quickly, so always check the forecast before heading out for the day. If it is an emergency, ensure you have the proper safety equipment and supplies in your vehicle should you have to pull over to the side of the road due to weather conditions.

Once temperatures drop below freezing, drivers should also ensure they have winter tires put on. It can be difficult to get appointments with car mechanic shops at this time of year, so be sure to book your appointment early.

Finally, always wear your seatbelt and any distractions, including cell phones or other devices, should be stored away.

If you have questions about being in a car accident due to winter driving conditions or have been in another type of vehicle collision, our team at Wagners is always ready to provide advice.

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