Worker Struggles to Recover After Hit-and-Run

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have extended the search for a motorist that injured a pedestrian in a car accident in 2013. They are checking records for the type of car that was seen driving away from the accident. Authorities reported that the vehicle was a golden-coloured Mazda Protégé from model years 2000 to 2003, and they are asking people in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward to watch out for the sedan.

The public works employee was seriously injured in the New Brunswick car accident on Nov. 11. In the passing months, he has yet to fully recover from a broken hip and the shattered bones in his leg. He explained that some days, he cannot even get out of bed and keeps heat on his leg. He initially thought his recovery would happen by the spring of 2014 so that he could return to work but realizes that it may not be possible.

The man was on the job when he was hit in Riverview. The car side mirror was broken off as a result when the driver fled the scene. According to reports, the injured man is beginning to wonder if the responsible party will ever be held accountable for his or her actions.

If police are able to determine the identity of the hit-and-run driver, the victim may be able to hold that driver liable in civil court. Though a personal injury claim, the victim might be able to receive compensation that covers the cost of medical treatment he has received and the cost of rehabilitation that he may require as he continues to recover. The driver might also be held accountable for the wages the man has lost while he cannot work.

Source: Global News, “Riverview man struck in hit and run still recovering“, Shelley Steeves, March 04, 2014

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