Fire, Explosion And Burn Injury Claims

For nearly 80 years, lawyers at Wagners have been standing up for those who have been seriously injured in accidents

Fire, Explosion & Burn Injury

Burn injuries seriously affect the victim. These types of injuries are among the most physically painful to deal with. If burn injuries are serious enough, they can require specialized treatment from medical professionals such as plastic surgeons. Victims of serious fire and explosion accidents deserve to be represented by a zealous team of lawyers.

Seeking Justice For Our Clients

Burn injuries can be the result of auto accidents, explosions from faulty equipment (such as a furnace or heating system), chemical leaks and more. These injuries often affect a person both physically and emotionally, and recovery can be lengthy and painful. At Wagners, we are here to provide straightforward legal advice and to strongly advocate for your best interests.

Compassionate And Assertive Representation For Fire, Explosion And Burn Injury Claims

When we represent our burn injury clients, we make it a priority to determine the most strategic legal approach to take. Throughout the stages of the claim we will keep you informed about the progress of your case and provide the level of personalized attention you are seeking.

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