Failure In Genetic Testing

Failure To Screen – Birth Defects And Birth Injuries

Birth injuries caused by a medical professional’s negligent actions can have devastating effects. As a parent, you may have to guide your child through a lifetime of serious challenges because a doctor failed to take the necessary measures in providing care. At Wagners, we handle cases involving birth injuries in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and beyond. Our lawyers are here to help you through every legal process involved in your case.

Failure In Prenatal Genetic Testing And Failure To Screen For Birth Defects

Throughout a pregnancy, tests and screenings should be conducted to monitor the development of your baby. Doctors and medical specialists who work in the prenatal field are trained to identify warning signs of birth defects and risk factors, and they know when to pursue certain treatments to prevent/treat potential diseases. Failure to order appropriate testing and treatments for potential diseases can significantly limit the options for correcting the issue, or diminish the chances of viability outside the womb.

Our lawyers are familiar with both the legal and medical aspects of birth injury cases and can use a wide range of resources to help build your case. We have a wealth of experience in handling these cases, and we will pursue your case with skill, knowledge, experience and compassion. We also have the ability to use specific resources in complicated cases and have a strong a track record in medical malpractice cases.

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